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Ordinary Vietnamese Taste with Special Recipe

“Pho is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup made with beef, chicken, or vegetable broth. Rice noodle topped with white onion, green onion, and cilantro. Alongside with bean sprouts, basil, jalapeño, and lime.”

The Sisters cafe

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Pho beef back ribs

Pho Beef
Back Ribs


Banh Mi


Rice bowl with Marinated
pork belly and egg

The sisters noodle

The Sisters Noodle

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Variety of Flavors from The Sisters Cafe

Banh Mi Grilled Marinated beef

French bread roll, cucumber, pickle Daikon & carrot, cilantro and jalapeños

Rice bowl

Marinated pork and egg roll

Pho beef back ribs

Vietnamese noodle soup served with rice noodle,  thin sliced onion, green onion and side of fresh herbs. (basil, bean sprouts and jalapeños)

The sisters noodle

Stir-fried yellow noodles (wheat noodles), tofu, bean sprouts, shitake mushroom and green onion in house sauce.


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